Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Trip with a Camera.

I finally made it out on a ride with a camera. It took me so long because I never before really went on a ride purely for the sake of just riding. But this time I did, I had no distance goal, no planned sprints, no overall time target, just a plan to go out, enjoy myself and take some pictures of the bike with stuff. Honestly, I was kind of inspired by the whole Flat Stanley thing, not that I was about to flatten my bike and mail it to people though.
Just now thinking about how I'll be writing this I realize that I should have tracked the mileage per each photo, but oh well. Anyway, even with the master plan to not plan any real 'training' into this ride, I still went 62.57 miles (100.7 km) and a max speed of 41.3 mph (66.5 kph) - I couldn't resist doing at least one sprint. But, it did take me almost 5.5 hours to do, so at least I stayed relaxed with the overall speed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maddock rides his bike!

This is awesome. He's growing up so fast!

Now of course the cyclist in me says two things: 

  1. We need to get him little clip-in pedals because he (mentally) learned how to ride by watching me. I have clip in pedals on both my bikes, this allows me to push forward when the pedal is at the top of the rotation without dropping my heel to maintain contact with the pedal. That's why the poor little guy's feet keep coming off the pedals. (I find it really really cute!)
  2. Stupid left pedal fell off because it has a right hand thread. The right side is supposed to be right hand thread and the left be left hand thread. This was, as you spin the cranks the pedals constantly tighten themselves to the crank arms. Well this one constantly loosens itself, until it falls off...  maybe Gampa can put a tack weld on it so it stays there forever.
I just wanted to share this with everyone real quick cause I'm working 12 hour shifts right now and Kassy (wifey) put it up on YouTube for me to see.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Coat!

I find it to be absolutely amazing that the Japanese can make such good products and not even promote them. Krylon say's that they are known world-wide, but they are nothing to this paint. I don't know how to say what it is called or tell you any real details about it, all I know is that I asked a very polite older man who worked at the store about the paint and he explained it to me as I asked questions. Turns out, this stuff is water based, requires no primer and sprays great. I did forget to ask him how long to wait between coats and how long it had to set before I could sand anything. Oh well, I bet 4 hours is a good guarantee.