Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pardon the Construction

I'm changing up the blog layout, so if it's jacked up right now, I'm working on it, hit refresh to watch it progress or just come back later.

*Update:  It seems that I have most of the new bits in order. On the list is still creating an embedded custom Google search, and having the comment system use your Facebook login in order to comment (this should make it much easier for most everyone to comment).

**2nd Update (Approx. 8:30pm Tokyo Time [GMT+9] April 28th, 2010):  The Facebook comment box is now up and operational to my liking, I still have to add details to the application page (on Facebook) for it, but you can now feel free to post comments using it.

***3rd Update (Approx. 9:00pm Tokyo Time [GMT+9] April 28th, 2010):  Google search and Facebook comment box complete, now I need to design a new header logo sometime.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carry Golf Clubs on a Bicycle?

Yes, that is exactly what he wanted to do.
Oddly enough, I was really the one to pose the idea to him. Quite some time ago I had been browsing through Free Patents Online and came across a few club carrying variants while looking at bicycle trailer patents. Most of the designs were with using a one-off rear rack design that greatly restricted any sort of multipurpose capabilities of the bike.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Starting to Play Catch-Up

My mountain bike has been purple for some time now. I absolutely love it too. Not only was the Japanese water-based spray paint amazing to work with, along with the purple paint came a few other upgrades as well. I have always wanted to upgrade to disc brakes on my bike, but I realized a while back that I would need to get a new fork to do so (mine had no caliper mounting tabs). So I 'delt with it and just kept using the stock brakes until they were warping and not holding up to the pressure any more (literally, the brake arms flexed under pressure). Truly tired of my mushy brakes I started to look for something new and I came across Cane Creek.