Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carry Golf Clubs on a Bicycle?

Yes, that is exactly what he wanted to do.
Oddly enough, I was really the one to pose the idea to him. Quite some time ago I had been browsing through Free Patents Online and came across a few club carrying variants while looking at bicycle trailer patents. Most of the designs were with using a one-off rear rack design that greatly restricted any sort of multipurpose capabilities of the bike.

I mentioned the idea to Richard and we discussed a few different angles, but after a few days, we both forgot about it. (By the way, nevermind his face in this picture, he was trying not to laugh, or had gas, or was forcing the smile, or.. well, something, he doesn't normally look like that.)
Then one day I thought of it again and started making plans again. We went to he hardware store to start scoping out parts. The funny thing about it all is that the design idea that we left the store with was nothing like the one we went into the store with.
Long story short, he and I both have Topeak racks, so that allowed me to build this contraption on my bike before taking it over to him. I decided part-way through construction that it would be a very nice addition for Richard to be able to attach his shiny new pannier bags to the rig so that he could take even more of everything with him. Above you can see his bag strapped up on my bike, the front end of my old Cannondale is much lighter than his and with the golf bag on the back caused an almost perfect weight balance on the rear axle. Very, very weird. On his bike it's not so bad, but the extra weight in the rear was still very noticeable on our test ride. At slow speeds it cause the front end to seem rather twitchy because the reduced weight on the front tire let it react to the slightest input.

The wooden contraption attaches to the rear rack by means of a gravity assisted sort of cam-lock and the panniers attach much the same way as they would to the top rail of the rack. Unfortunately, I have no photos of this at all. I hope to be able to get some more shots of it sometime (Richard says he's going to put a bunch of golf stickers on it.) to show more details about its construction, along with maybe a short video of what it looks like rolling along. I really should have made an instructable out of this.

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