Thursday, August 12, 2010

Google: Navigation vs. My Tracks

Yesterday I got out of work early, and Kassy was already out and about with the kids and one of her friends, so I thought I would take a completely different route home instead of always going on Kearny Villa.
First off, let me say that I will never be taking this way again. The road surface was horrible and there wasn't even anything nice to look at. Well, maybe there could have been some nice things along the way, but the traffic was taking most of my attention, even though almost all of the drivers we considerate and really did share the road with me.
But moving on, as you may know I have an Android phone and use it for everything. In the car I like using Google Navigation over the Garmin because of it's constant updates and live traffic info, plus I like the user interface better. Another GPS application I love and use everyday is My Tracks. The app records and displays statistics such as speed, distance, elevation, and several others.
When I thought about taking a new route, I wondered how it would work out using both of these programs together so that I could record my route and have the turns navigated for me. Well as it turns out, these two fight each other when used at the same time. Now I don't think that they fight each other for the GPS signal because there were times that both applications were working together, as you can see below. The blue line represents the route I traveled, and the red line is where My Tracks was able to record my position.
So anyway, this makes me think that they were using just too much memory and the one running in the background (My Tracks) was dropped out here and there. So it may be possible to run these together on a phone with more RAM than the Motorola Droid.
I was able to approximate that the route was 16.5 miles, but I wave no idea how long it took or average speed so I'm going to just remember it as a ride and not try to log it. If I log something I'd like it to be accurate, and I'm trying to not be such a 'slave to the numbers' as I used to be.
I still need to clean my bike some time. And I really want to go out on a mountain bike ride, but who knows when I'll get a chance to do that.

Oh, and Kassy also talked to a guy that rides with a group around the flight line of MCAS Miramar during lunch on Tuesdays. They meet up at Comm Squadron, so now I just need to find that.

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  1. Okay, so I have to admit now, that I have taken this route again. This is mostly because it is my only alternate route home and it's really not all that bad of a ride now that I know it a little better.
    I think I'm getting used to American road surfaces....