Monday, June 28, 2010

New Things

I thought I could just make a really short and quick post regarding some updates/changes to this blog. First, it has been a little since the new layout has been applied and I am very happy with it. The last layout was cool and fancy, but a bit too fancy. This new layout is more simple, loads faster, and is easier to follow, plus I thing the title area is fun.
In another direction, I have added a new 'page' to this blog. For now you can find the link (My Tracks) to the right, under my profile information. Eventually these links will be moved up under the title, once there are a few more pages to link to. That may take a little while though, new pages are just a pain to create on the phone and I just started the process of backing stuff up on my laptop to prepare it for a switch from Windows to Ubuntu (Linux). And I would love to use the desktop computer, but with our move, we can't seem to find our surge protector to plug everything into.
Until then, I will continue to post updates in my standard no-schedual way.

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